Protec Epoxies

Western Canadian distributor for Protec Epoxies - trowelable wear compounds. Also known as Wear Protec

Marine Manifolds

  • Thompson Foundry manufactures and stocks several marine engine manifolds:
  • Chrysler Marine Nissan SD22 4 cylinder p/n 3619151
  • Chrysler Marine Nissan SD33 6 cylinder p/n 3745830
  • Chrysler Marine Mitsubishi CM655 6DS7 p/n 3619281
  • Perkins 6-354 end dump and side dump
  • John Deere 3, 4 and 6414 cylinder
  • Cat 3101 manifold, riser adapter, riser center and goose neck parts
  • International DM-550
  • Graymarine Fireball V8

Pulp and Paper

  • Dust collector cones
  • Exclusive manufacturer of UNIGRATE replacement parts
  • Moving and stationary grates
  • Wear plates
  • Boiler doors
  • Recovery boiler spray nozzles
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary airport collars
  • Smelt spouts
  • Rotary dust seals

We are able to accommodate design and material changes that can extend the life of the OEM castings We work directly with customers engineers to come up with casting alloy and design changes that will better suit their site specific applications.



  • Single and double suction impellers
  • Open and closed impellers
  • Stage Pump Bowls
  • Volute casings
  • Bearing side liners
  • Stuffing boxes
  • Agitators
  • Seal housings
  • Inlet housings
  • Bearing housings


  • Jaw and gyratory cone crusher parts
  • Feeder pan liners
  • Replacement pump components
  • Spool pieces
  • Elbows
  • Separation and classifier system components
  • Mine/muck car wheels
  • Sheaves
  • Gear blanks
  • Bearing housings
  • Wear liners
  • Mill liners


  • ASTM A532 3A Hi-Chrome Wear castings
  • ASTM A297 Heat Resistant castings

Jaw Clutch

Manufacture square and spiral jaw clutch assemblies see