Metals and Materials

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ASTM #Common gradesApplication
A27N-1Carbon steel for general applications, all grades are available
A48Class 30Gray iron for general engineering, all classes are available
 Class 35 
 Class 40 
A128AAustenitic manganese steel, all other grades are available
A148All gradesHigh strength steel
A216WCACarbon steel, high temperature service
A297HDHeat resistant stainless steel, all grades are available
A319Class 1Gray iron for elevated temperatures
 Class 2 
 Class 3 
A351All gradesAustenitic and duplex stainless
A352All gradesFerritic and metensitic steel castings for low temperatures
A39560-40-18Ferritic ductile iron for use at elevated temperatures
A436Type 1Austenitic gray iron, also known as Niresist
 Type 2All types are available
A439Type D2Austenitic ductile iron, Ductile Niresist
 Type D5All types are available
A532Class1 type AAbrasion resistant cast iron, Nihard type 1
 Class 1 type DNihard type 4, hichrome white iron, all classes and types are available
 Class 3 type A 
A53660-40-18Ductile Iron, grade 120-90-02 on request
A56050 Cr-50 NiHeat resistant Chromium-Nickel alloy
 60 Cr-40 Nifor elevated temperatures to 2000 degree F
A571class 1 and 2Austenitic ductile iron suitable
  for low temperature service
A351 & A743CF-3 & CF-3MCorrosion resistant stainless, austenitic, austenitic-ferritic duplex stainless, all other grades on request
 CF-8 & CF-8M 
A747CB7Cu-1Precipitation hardening stainless steel
A842All gradesCompacted graphite iron castings
A890CD4MCuDuplex stainless, other grades on request
A897All gradesAustempered ductile iron castings
A915All gradesSteel casting chemical requirements
  Similar to standard wrought grades