Replacement Parts

OEM Castings

OEM castings are castings that are supplied to companies specializing in manufacturing equipment. Examples include:

  1. Pumps
  2. Conveyers
  3. Gear Boxes

Customers come to Thompson Foundry because we provide excellent service, efficient delivery services, and quality castings at reasonable prices. Unlike other foundries, we can make different alloys at our facility. No longer will you have to go to several foundries to have your part made in various alloys.

Replacement Parts

We make replacement castings for many industries. In some cases the parts are no longer available and we then work with existing castings and plant engineers to come up with a suitable design. In other cases, the customers are looking for something better than is available on the market. We work with the customer and have modified parts design and changed alloys in order to make parts that last longer, are easier to install and are cost effective. Examples are power boiler grates, dust collector cones, boiler doors. We are the exclusive manufacturer of the line of UNIGRATE replacement parts used in power boilers and recovery boilers.