Boiler and Furnace Doors

Thompson Foundry has been manufacturing turn-key boiler door assemblies for over 40 years. Whether it is working from obsolete & damaged beyond repair original equipment, or it is offering custom design solutions for your existing or future boiler projects, we have the expertise and capabilities to offer everything that you need.

From replacement options to some of the most popular designs in the industry: TF717 (link to image) 15” x 21” Oval Doors to custom designed or recreated solutions for rare and difficult to source parts, Thompson Foundry can work with you to offer a casting solution that makes a perfect fit for your operation.

TF766 Modified Replacement Door Assembly:

Project Details: A Pulp Mill in British Columbia had four failing door assemblies and a pending outage. After an extensive search to find the OEM, and realizing they no longer existed, Thompson Foundry was approached to assess to project and provide a solution. TF was able to withdraw enough information from the original damaged sample (while on loan from the mill during a very brief window of time) to offer an accurate quotation, and even begin the Reverse Engineering process, generating drawings and layouts to later construct the custom tooling for ALL of the many required components to recreate an entire door assembly that would work for the customer.

The extra mile... Recreating the door and supplying a quality working assembly was the requirement. Designing a multi-directional (essentially symmetrical) unit, that utilizes universally sized & readily available hardware, with custom cast attachments that could be easily assembled and maintained without a need for costly extra machining, and time consuming adjustments was our vision.


The process... TF Pattern makers took as much information off the sample components as was possible, developed a manufacturing plan and began the task of creating all required tooling and equipment.


The result... The TF766 (26” x 26”) Boiler Door Assembly, both R/H or L/H opening, with inspection window, and refractory retainer, all cast in TF TempResist Iron, complete with fastening yoke, a weldable steel frame & all the required assembly hardware. . . Delivered on Time for Shut Down!

We have many existing patterns and even more drawings for doors to fit your needs. And if we don’t – then we can work with you to design the optimal part for your application. Contact Us to learn more.