About Thompson

Mission Statement

Founded by journeyman pattern maker Wally Thompson in 1963, Thompson Foundry has been providing quality casting services to clients from all over the world. Providing unparalleled customer service and exceeding customer expectations are ideals that Thompson Foundry proudly upholds.



Custom casting services, able to work from drawings or existing parts with a maximum casting pour weight of 3400 lbs.

Extensive experience in the casting and machining of pump parts including stage pump bowls, volutes, impellers, stuffing boxes, bearing housings, gears etc.

Manufacturer of UNIGRATE replacement casting and parts for power boilers and recovery boilers.

Western Canadian distributor for Protec Epoxies - trowelable wear compounds. Also known as Wear Protec

All the steps from patterns to completion, including casting, solidification modeling using SUTcast, machining, and supplying completed assemblies is done in our facility.

Able to produce castings that are difficult to produce or have tight time lines for delivery

Four induction furnaces allows for production of many alloys.

  • Ferrous and Nickel base castings
  • Chemical and Physical certification
  • Non destructive testing, mag particle, micrograph
  • Pattern making
  • Machining
  • Balancing
  • Fabrication

Common ASTM grades

  • A27 Carbon steel
  • A48 Cast Iron
  • A216 Carbon steel High Temperature service steel
  • A128 Austenitic Manganese steel
  • A148 High Strength Steel
  • A297 Heat resistant Stainless steel
  • A351 / A743 corrosion resistant Stainless
  • A436 Austenitic Gray Iron
  • A439 Austenitic Ductile Iron
  • A494 Nickel Alloy
  • A532 Hi-Chrome White Iron
  • A536 Ductile Iron - Lloyds Register Certified
  • A781 Industrial Use Alloy steel
  • A747 Precipitation Hardening Stainless
  • A890 Duplex Stainless



  • Install new pouring monorail with increased capacity which will allow us to pour up to 3400 lbs gross weight
  • Add second catalyst pump to coreroom nobake mixer
  • Complete GAP analysis of the Heath and Safety program and start workining with FIOSA-MIOSA on an updated comprehensive health and safety program
  • Acquire the jaw clutch business from Wallace Machine, jigs, patterns, fixtures, drawings and job records
  • Begin working with ExOne who manufacture 3D printed sand mold


  • Move third nobake mixer into the coreroom and dedicate it's use to pepset and silica or cerabead sands
  • Implemented lean work flow throughout the foundry


  • add intel core i7-990X cpu pc that can run 12 threads which allows us to run large simulations
  • Purchase third Palmer nobake mixer, setup for pepset
  • 3 rd pattern maker now on staff to keep up with the pattern shop demands
  • Install a new SpectroMAXxM spectrometer with 10 alloy calibration ranges




  • Complete repositioning of the coreroom, shell core machine and isocure blower
  • Install second Palmer 3 pump nobake mixer, setup for Alphaset or Sodium Silicate binders and silica or olivine sand
  • Switch manganese steel production from green sand to olivine nobake molding system
  • Complete redesign of silica nobake molding area, with increased pattern staging and mold storage
  • Add second mold wash mixer setup for large nobake molds
  • Install Precix 3 axis CNC router in the pattern shop
  • Install larger disc sander and spindle sander in the pattern shop
  • Install larger milling machine in the pattern shop



  • Increase pattern storage area
  • Acquire customer list, production records and other technical information from Midan foundry
  • Start core room move and update work flow layout
  • Redesign pattern preparation area
  • Update nobake molding area layout and increase mold storage space
  • Add capability to make Log Marking Hammers


  • Add access platform and increase pattern storage
  • Modify nobake molding line with additional track and storage space
  • Improve nobake mold clamping system to eliminate the need for loose clamps and weights
  • Install new ventilation system in the welding shop
  • Modify dust collection system to improve the removal of fines from the nobake sand transport system
  • Add nobake mold flow coating system


  • Start using synthetic sand for specialty cores
  • Add pattern storage
  • Install variable speed drive air compressor and integrate with existing compressor, so that we now have 125 hp of compressed air capacity
  • Install hoppers for overhead sand storage in green sand preparation area.
  • Install dual processor work station to run SOLIDWORKS in conjunction with solidification modeling
  • Install Solidification modeling using SUTcast


  • Complete nobake molding line and optimize its operation.
  • Install 5 ton bridge crane with crane scale in melting area.
  • Add third heat treat.


  • Upgraded cope and drag molding machines with new insert board system
  • Install 6TPH nobake silica sand reclaim system
  • Install sand silo, sand transporter and dust collector to support sand reclaim system
  • Install sand heater for reclaim sand
  • Install sand blending system on nobake mixer.
  • Install two cranes in the nobake molding area


  • Expanded green sand delivery system into floor molding area
  • Upgraded Palmer mixer to 250 lbs per minute with oxide feeder
  • Added large compaction table to nobake molding station
  • Added new pouring line, dedicated to nobake mold handling and sand reclaim, large molds on a lower track and smaller molds on a high track
  • Added more space for pattern storage


  • Added space for pattern storage
  • Upgraded magnetic separator on green sand handling system
  • Installed larger wood lathe for pattern shop
  • Added tig welder
  • Upgrade all control electronics in ABB induction furnace


  • Installed a larger plainer and joiner to pattern shop


  • Installed sand silo and air sand transport system
  • Added 2 x 30" disc sanders to pattern shop
  • Added a second heat treat furnace


  • Installed pallet lifting system on green sand molding line
  • Installed 2 new 600 amp welders and build arc gouge work station



  • Installed sand testing lab
  • Upgraded palmer mixer to allow for 2 resin systems
  • Replaced original heat treat with a larger gas heat treat


  • Installed 5 ton bridge crane in green sand shakeout area
  • Installed green sand shakeout and sand handling system
  • Upgraded dust collection system
  • Added sand heater for nobake molding line
  • Install nobake spray wash system


  • Installed palmer high speed nobake mixer
  • Started to create nobake molds for cast iron, ductile iron, and white iron
  • Added milling machine to pattern shop


  • Bought a new mig welder for fabrication area


  • Installed 800 lb and 1100 lb Inductotherm induction furnaces
  • Installed large dust collection system in the pattern shop
  • Installed metallurgy lab with ARL 3460 spectrometer
  • Installed small heat treat
  • Began production of mild steel and stainless steel castings



  • Expanded building
  • Retire gas reverb furnace and install a 2200 lb ABB medium frequency induction furnace
  • Now working with cast iron, ductile iron Nihard and Niresist alloys
  • Company expanded to 25 employees
  • Castings expanded to marine manifolds, pump parts, gear boxes, mining castings, pulp and paper castings, wear parts


  • Moved to new building in Surrey
  • 6 employees
  • Now working with cast iron and ductile iron
  • Created marine manifolds, pump parts, gear boxes, and did general industry castings


  • Thompson Foundry founded
  • Gas reverb furnace for melting
  • Molds from olivine green sand
  • Created mostly cast iron marine manifolds