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Thompson Foundry is able to offer a complete metal casting experience. From assistance in part design & pattern making to final machining and assembly, Thompson Foundry can be counted on to provide all aspects of the foundry/manufacturing process.


Pattern Shop

Founded by a journeyman pattern maker, we believe that a quality pattern is the most critical component of the casting process. We employ 2 full time pattern makers, with over 60 years combined experience in the industry, and uphold good relationships with some of North America’s most progressive & advanced pattern making facilities. There is no Pattern project too complex for Thompson. Reverse engineering of a worn/obsolete part, creating patterns from a 2D sketch, or working from the most current 3D model formats, we have the ability to take your concepts and designs, and turn them into castings.

The Foundry - Metal Casting

Thompson Foundry has four induction furnaces to melt & produce over 75 grades of Iron, Steel and Stainless Steel alloy. We operate 2 separate molding lines (green sand and silica no-bake), and have the ability to produce castings that range from under 1lb up to 2000+ lbs. A well-equipped grinding/cleaning line that includes a 72” dia. shot blast machine, 4 grinding stations along with arc-gouging & welding equipment help complete the casting operations.

Metallurgical Lab

Metallurgical (chemical) analysis of existing metal samples, as well as confirmation of test coins for production heats are performed using our Spectromaxx stationary metal analyzer (spectrometer). Other material verification services include

  • Brinell hardness testing
  • Mechanical properties testing (tensile/yield/elongation)
  • Charpy impact
  • Metallography evaluation
  • Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI),
  • Liquid Dye-Penetrant Testing (LPI)
  • Radiographic (X-Ray) Testing (RT).


Heat Treating

2 gas fueled heat treats and 2 electric kilns provide heat treating capacity for virtually all the castings we produce. A temperature controlled, circulated tank allow for solution annealing and water quenching, and our custom cooling tables and forced air generators provide the means to harden & temper materials as required. Post casting/welding stress relieving, quench & tempering, annealing (softening) and hardening are all services we provide.  

Machining, Fabrication & Finishing

With a 3000 sq/ft machine shop equipped with all the standard equipment (drills, lathe, milling machine, saws, welders, torches, etc.) Thompson Foundry has the ability to provide basic machining & fabrication operations. Combine that with our strong partnerships with a diverse collection of local facilities, each specializing in their own segment of the industry, there is no finished project that we can’t handle for you, and no level of QC or certification/inspection that cannot be achieved. Painting, powder coating, rubber/urethane lining, and general parts assembly are also services TF can provide.

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