Pulp and Paper

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At Thompson Foundry we have been casting after market Pulp and Paper power boiler and recovery boiler castings for over 40 years. Replacement castings, custom castings, obsolete castings we can do it all.

pulp and paper mill machinery castings


Pulp and Paper

Thompson Foundry has a wide range of tooling for casting after market castings used in the Pulp and Paper Industry. On time for your shutdown, custom to your requirements are some key features we offer. Do you have a part that with some changes would be much better? We can make it happen

  • stationary boiler grates
  • moving boiler grates
  • steam grates
  • side seals
  • T bars
  • tuyers
  • boiler doors
  • dust collector cones and vanes
  • airport collars
  • port rodders
  • black liquor nozzles
  • rotary seals
  • sprockets
  • custom modifications, wide range of alloys to suit your needs.

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