Fer-rous/feras/Latin: Ferrum (iron)/adjective – Chemistry (chiefly of metals) containing or consisting of Iron (Fe), including steel and iron with other metals such as stainless steel.

Utilizing current ASTM specifications, and tapping into over 60 years of practical metallurgical experience, Thompson Foundry manufactures castings in over 75 ferrous alloys, ranging from traditional Grey Iron to Complex Low-Carbon Duplex Stainless Steel.

If you don't see an alloy group or specific material grade you are looking for in the list below, contact us with your requirements and we'll gladly discuss them with you. Custom chemistry and certified ingot heats are also available.


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Common name ASTM Specification
Gray Iron Castings, A, B C and S tensile specifications, (fracture is gray colour)
Cast iron class 20 A48-20
Cast iron class 30 A48-30
Cast iron class 35 A48-35
Cast iron class 40 A48-40
Cast iron class 45 A48-45
Cast iron class 50 A48-50
Ductile Iron Castings (Nodular Iron)
Ductile 60 A536 Grade 60-40-18
Ductile 65 A536 Grade 65-45-12
Ductile 80 A536 Grade 80-55-06
Ductile 100 A536 Grade 100-70-03
Ductile 120 A536 Grade 120-90-02
Abrasion-Resistant Cast Iron (white iron, fracture is silver colour)
Type 1 NiHard A532 1A - Ni-Cr-Hc
Type 2 NiHard A532 1B - Ni-Cr-Lc
Type 3 NiHard A532 1C - Ni-Cr-GB
Type 4 NiHard A532 1D - Ni-HiCr
12% Cr white iron A532 2A - 12% Cr
15% Cr white iron A532 2B - 15% Cr-Mo
20% Cr white iron A532 2D - 20% Cr-Mo
25% Cr white iron; HCWI; Chrome White Iron A532 3A - 25% Cr
Austenitic Stainless Steel Castings
304L A351, A743, A744 CF3
304 A351, A743, A744 CF8
316L A351, A743, A744 CF3M
316 A351, A743, A744 CF8M
317L A351, A743, A744 CG3M
317 A351, A743, A744 CG8M
CN7 A351, A747, A744 CN7
Alloy 20, Carpenter 20 stainless A351, A743, A744 CN7M
Nitronic 50 stainless A351 CG6MMN
254SMO A351, A743, A744 CK3MCuN
904L No Cast Grade
Martensitic Stainless Steel Alloy Castings
  A352, A356, A743 CA6NM
410 stainless A217, A487, A743 CA15
420 stainless A743 CA40
Duplex Stainless Steel Castings
25-5 PH stainless A890, A995 Grade 1B CD4MCuN
CD3MCuN A890 Grade 1C CD3MCuN
CD6MN A890, A995 Grade 3A CD6MN
Ferralium 255, Zeron 100 A890, A995 Grade 6A CD3MWCuN
2205 A890, A995 Grade 4A CD3MN
Nickel Based Alloy Castings
N7M - NI-BN7M, Nickel B A494 N-7M
Hastelloy C-276 A494 CW-12MW
CW-6M A494 CW-6M
Hastelloy C-4, Nickel alloy C A494 CW-2M
Hastelloy C-22, Nickel alloy C A494 CX2MW
Hastelloy G30 No ASTM equivalent
Nickel - Chrome Alloy Castings  
50/50 NiCr A560 50 Cr-50 Ni
60/40 NiCr A560 60 Cr-40 Ni
50/50 NiCrCb A560 50Cr-50 Ni-Cb
Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Castings
446 A297 HC
  A297 HD
  A297 HE
308 A297 HF
309, 25-12 A297 HH
309 A297 HH
310 A297 HK
  A297 HN
  A297 HP
330 stainless A297 HT
  A297 HU
  A297 HX
Precipitation Hardened Stainless Steel Castings
17-4PH A747 Gr CB7Cu-1
15-5PH A747 Gr CB7Cu-2
Specialty Iron Castings, Heat Resistant Gray Iron
  A319 Class I, II, III (A-D)
TF Tempresist 10% Cr cast iron  
TF Tempresist 2% Cr cast iron  
TF Temprisist 0.5% Cr cast iron  
TF Tempresist 0.5% NiCrMo cast iron  
TF Tempresist 3% Ni Ductile Iron  
TF Tempresis 0.5% NiCrMo Ductile iron  
Austenitic Grey and Austenitic Ductile Iron
Ni-Resist #1 A436 Type 1
Ni-Resist #2 A436 Type 2
Ductile Ni-Resist D2-B A439 Type D2-B
Ductile Ni-Resist D5-B A439 Type D5-B
Carbon Steel Castings
1020 A27, A148
1025 A27, A148
1030 A27, A148
1040 A27, A148
Alloy Steel Castings
4130 A915 SC 4130
4140 A915 SC 4140
4330 A915 SC 4330
4340 A915 SC 4340
8630 A915 SC 8630
High Strength Steel  A148 all Grades
Chrome - Moly steel; Cr-Mo   
Astralloy V  
Manganese (Hadfield) Steel Castings
Grade A A128 Grade A
Grade B A128 Grade B
Grade C A128 Grade C
Grade D A128 Grade D

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