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Ultra abrasion resistant Chrome White Iron castings for high wear applications, as well as corrosion & heat resistant grades of stainless steel are commonly utilized in the Oil & Gas industry. And where they are not being used – they likely should be. With the ability to fully machine parts to tight tolerances, and to harden these materials to 650+ BHn, Thompson Foundry is an important maintenance partner & parts supplier to any oil patch operation in North America. Complex pump and separator components to simple yet vitally important wear liner inserts represent the diversity of castings our foundry can manufacture/supply this industry.

oil and gas machinery castings

Parts We Produce

  • Centrifugal pump parts cast in both iron and steel
  • High strength housings, bodies & gear boxes
  • Well head components
  • Blow Out Protectors
  • Paring Discs & other centrifuge components
  • Screens
  • Elbows, piping and spool sections

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