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Primary & Secondary Air Port Castings

  • Recovery Boiler Primary Port Crotch CastingsTF277R; TF278L; TF279L & TF280RLarge & Small, L/H & R/H Port Crotch Castings in 50Ni50Cr Alloy

  • Primary Port CastingTF191Primary Air Port Collar - TF TempResist Iron

  • Secondary Port CastingsTF737Secondary Air Port Castings - A297 HH

  • Primary Port CollarTF500 & TF1005Primary Air Port Collars - TF TempResist Iron

  • Custom Solid Port CollarTF1005-STF1005-S - Air Port Casting; Solid w/refractory anchor detail - TF TempResist Iron

  • Primary Port CollarTF1163TF1163 Primary Port Collar - 50Ni50Cr Alloy

  • Primary Port CollarTF310TF310 Primary Air Port Collar - A297HH SS

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